[PD] udpsend: unsure about raw data

IOhannes m zmölnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Sun May 24 14:05:39 CEST 2020

Am 24. Mai 2020 13:31:53 MESZ schrieb rolfm at dds.nl:
> hi, 
> i want to minimize the data stream send through an UDP connection 
> by sending 'coded' bytes; the receiver(s) will decode them. 
> i'm unsure about the meaning of 'raw data' in the helpfile of
> [udpsend].
> does [1 2 3( represent bytes with the octal vaue 001 002 003, 

yes (although i would habe chosen a hexadecimal representation, rather than octal)
> or the  integers 1 2 3 which will be 'translated' into the octal bytes
> 061 062 063 ? 

that's not very "raw", is it?

it's also what you get when using the vanilla `[netsend]` in "binary" mode.

> does it mean that the mrpeach version recognizes that a file is used
> for
> input; 

iirc, you can tell it to read data from a file (no recognition magic involved).


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