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> Hi Miller,
> 0.51-0 ? How could I have missed it ?
> but this is the same as with 0.50-2 : patcher window is not rendered but Pd
> Console does.

Try this build: Pd-0.50-0-saveas-fix-tk867.zip <http://docs.danomatika.com/pdbuilds/0.51/Pd-0.50-0-saveas-fix-tk867.zip> It may have permissions issues, but you should be able to see if the canvas renders. It's a previous test build with the Tcl / Tk 8.6 frameworks included.

Putting aside the fact you are are asking for support for running Pd on the *first beta* of an un-released OS, the likely culprit is, as usual, Tk. The development of Tk on macOS is pretty slow and behind on support using the Cocoa frameworks. Basically, everything worked well with the previous Carbon frameworks, but we still have continuing problems with bugs related to the switch to Cocoa. This is not a "damn Apple changes everything all the time" issue but a "Apple warned us about the transition many years ahead, but everything worked and we didn't bother to deal with it until it was almost too late" issue. My impressions is that there is maybe only 1 or 2 Tk developers keeping things working on macOS.

Currently, we are distributing Pd for macOS with the Tcl / Tk 8.5 frameworks included which are built manually and applying a couple of custom patches. This works for now, but is not sustainable as newer systems can longer build Tk 8.5 (mine included) *and* we have perhaps now hit the point to where newer systems will also need a newer version of Tk to run Pd at all.

The best solution would be to provide a native Cocoa build with Tk as Cocoa itself is *very* stable in my experience, but that is for another discussion.

> I also tried to install XQuartz and run Pd from its terminal.
> No more success unfortunately.

That will not help as XQuartz has not been needed by newer Pd versions on macOS for many years now.

> Don't hesitate to ask me if I can help doing more tests.
> And please, avoid buying a Mac...

I have intimated this before, but perhaps I should now just say it:

Can some institution which relies on using Pd with macOS simply buy Miller and/or the Pd community a new Mac mini to support development efforts on the platform for the next 10 years? This is not too much to ask, especially if you lump it into the "year end" budget category.

Dan Wilcox
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