[PD] One Sample OSC - PD vanilla abstraction and VST Plugin (Camomile)

Tobias Hartmann t.hartmann at khm.de
Mon Jul 6 14:00:58 CEST 2020

Hello hello,

I want to share with you One Sample OSC 1 & 2.
These are two Pd vanilla abstractions for unconventional sample accurate audio processing.
Thanks to Camomile, they are also available as VST plugins.
The project is part of my research on and PhD thesis about sampling. I am about to finish the thesis this summer and so hopefully be able to share a bit later... ;)

Happy to hear back from you, if you feel like commenting on my approach. ;)
Best, Tobias

Have a look/listen here:

Download here:

About the project:

Tobias Hartmann
K√ľnstlerisch-wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter exMedia - Sound
t.hartmann at khm.de (mailto:t.hartmann at khm.de)
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