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> Hi all, 
> Will the new network additions work on libpd once you update to latest pd?

Yes. I will put the next libpd release with the pd core 0.51 which includes the network updates.

> More specifically, will we be able to run quacktrip or aoo from pdparty on ios :) ??

It should but not "built-in" as you will still need to add external sources to your project and statically compile them.

I have no plans to add additional external to PdParty right now, but you could try building PdParty yourself with any external you need. If everything works, I might consider it later, but I have no time to test things myself and I generally avoid throwing lots of things into the project that I will later have to support if I don't use them myself.

As per network latency, it should be fine on iOS as long as the app is foregrounded and there is enough networking to keep the connections alive. Best would be to have the device plugged into power to avoid any further power-saving mechanisms.

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