[PD] plot - 1000 element limit?

Miller Puckette msp at ucsd.edu
Fri Jul 24 01:03:43 CEST 2020

Hi Derek -

Pd hasn't ever been carefully tested in cases where objects send huge
atomic messages to the gui - but in looking at teh code I don't see that
there are any limits to their size (there used to be fixed buffer sizes here
and there but it looks like it's all fixed now).  So if you want, you can
just remove the size limitations in g_template.c and recompile.

I'm scared to do this in the Pd release since I don't really know how to
know whether it will really work robustly on all posible OSes etc.


On Wed, Jul 22, 2020 at 07:04:28PM -0700, Derek Kwan wrote:
> Hello list,
> Long time, no e-mail.
> It seems there's a limit in [plot] to only plot the first 1000 elements
> of a struct's array (at least for me on Ubuntu 18.04, pd 0.51)? I was
> wondering if there was a practical and/or performance-related reason to
> that limit (and also if said limit could be raised).
> I might have a weird use case, but I've been building a video player with
> 16-parameter biometric data associated with each frame so I've been
> using arrays in [struct]s to store the data and [plot] to plot it all
> out with a cursor drawn with [drawpolygon] to track the position in the
> data with the current video position. I've been working with up to
> 10-12ish minute long videos so that's arrays of about length 11000 with
> 16 elements per entry each and so I've been breaking the data up into
> 1000-element to get around that 1000 element limitation.
> On my 5-ish year old laptop and loading up the data from a text file and
> plotting everything and togglinng and untoggling plotting certain
> parameters, the performance isn't so bad, definitely usable (just end
> up with a horizontally loooong canvas that you have to navigate with a
> fair bit of scrolling).
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