[PD] [PD-announce] Camomile v1.0.7 - beta

Pierre Guillot guillotpierre6 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 10:06:57 CEST 2020

Hello everyone!

After more than 2 years, I'm pleased to announce that I'm on the way to
release a new version of Camomile (v1.0.7)! A beta version is already
available: https://github.com/pierreguillot/Camomile/releases

Camomile is a plugin with Pure Data embedded that allows users to load and
to control patches inside a digital audio workstation. The plugin is
available in the VST3, Audio Unit and LV2 formats for Linux, Windows and
macOS. Download and information on the website:

Change Log:
- Update Pd version (0.51)
- Update Juce version (6.0.0)
- Remove VST2 support
- Fix PdStalFx - DSP not recompiled (#126)
- Fix PdStalFx - no loadbang (#126)
- Fix PdStalFx - undefined when reloaded (#126)
- Add PdStal - instrument version of PdStalFx (#126)
- Fix openpanel and savepanel methods to use Unix path even on Windows
- Fix openpanel and savepanel methods to output a symbol instead of a list
of 1 element (#137)
- Fix midiin objects support to output all the midi messages (#134)
- Fix midiout objects support for 3 bytes messages and system exclusive
messages (#134)
- Fix camomile script to support white space in the path (#136)
- Fix LV2 plugin freeze on Linux (#183)
- Add support for manufacturer (#152)
- Fix support for Logic X (#166)
- Fix default display of parameters of Audio Unit (#153)
- Fix expr objects on Windows (#139)
- Fix MIDI in support for LV2 plugins (#160)
- Minor fixes and improvements

Please, read the documentation carefully. Feedback is more than welcome!
For feature request and bug report, please use the issue section on the
Github repository if you can:

All the best,
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