[PD] recording 192khz

iftah gabbai ift.gab at gmail.com
Fri Aug 14 22:22:26 CEST 2020

hi there, im attempting to record a stereo file (192khz, 24bit) using
writesf~ on a rpi3b running headless using the inputs of my usb class
compliant soundcard (presonus 24c), so far with no luck,  i get crackles
after around 10sec of recordings. the weird thing is that the pd process
uses  around 16% of one core - so theoretically it should be fine, right? i
even tried to up the -audiobuf to 100ms but this does not help either. i
write the recordings to an external usb stick that can handle much higher
speeds than teh equivalent of 1s/192/24 so i dont think its this either,
while i dont run a realtime kernel i have my scaling_governor set to
performance. i wonder if anyone have any leads? or is this only possible
with rt kernel?

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