[PD] New "fast-forward" message (was: Pd 0.51-1 released)

Alexandre Torres Porres porres at gmail.com
Mon Aug 17 02:25:42 CEST 2020

> On 16.08.2020 05:52, Miller Puckette via Pd-list wrote:
> > An artificial example (for simplicity) - I want to apply a Pd effect to a
> > soundfile and write the result out to another file, without having to
> wait
> > for the length of the file to get the result.  This could be done from
> the
> > command line using a batch command, but while you're developing the
> patch to
> > do it it's much easier to be able to set the process off with a button
> from
> > inside Pd.

Great, kind of what I was expecting, but I still needed an example to see
how to make this happen :)

Em dom., 16 de ago. de 2020 às 08:16, Christof Ressi <info at christofressi.com>

> My use case was that I had a patch which either produced some generative
> music or processed some soundfile and I wanted to record N seconds as
> fast as possible. It's basically like the render function in a DAW
> (usually you don't have to start the DAW from the command line to render
> your project :-).

I also thought about that and I'm really excited to test both things.
Hopefully I can have an example of this in my tutorial rght now and release
an update. But my attempts here failed and froze Pd :)

Have you already messed with it, Christof?

> But I agree that this needs to documented. Generally, there should be a
> section to document all (public) Pd messages, like [pd dsp(, [pd quit(,
> etc. (What can be considered "public"?)

I opened an issue for that (
https://github.com/pure-data/pure-data/issues/1125 ) and can take care of
it as I'm usually handling documentation issues.

> Also [r pd-dsp-started] and [r pd-dsp-stopped], which most people don't
> know about, I guess.

that's used n the help file of [samplerate~] but I agree it should also be
included in this new documentaton section. Anyway, what else would you use
it for?

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