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Hello Julian

thank you so much for this one, I am very interested. I will download and
test it and be in touch with you.

congrats on your work.


On Mon, Aug 31, 2020 at 7:15 PM Julián Villegas <villegas.julian at gmail.com>

> (This is a resend, somehow the first time I sent this didn’t reach the
> list)
> Hi Jose,
> I’m sorry for arriving late to the party, but I think you maybe interested
> in [hrir~], a spatializer that allows you modify distance besides azimuth
> and elevation. This object is based on Qu et al. database, I have equalized
> it to remove the effect of the measurement apparatus, and resampled it to
> use it with different sampling rates. Note that [earplug~] is based on the
> MIT database recorded at a fixed distance (1.4 m, IIRC) and a sampling rate
> of 44.1 kHz. That means that if you want to use it at a different sampling
> rate, the binaural image gets distorted.
> Binaries, source code and databases at different sampling rates are here:
> http://onkyo.u-aizu.ac.jp/HRIR
> My student and I are working on a new version that includes the two
> different pinna simulators used by Qu and colleagues (currently, only the
> right —small—pinna is used). We’re also working on improving the
> scalability of the object. If you’re interested, on learning more, please
> let me know.
> Details of our method are found here:
> [1] J. Villegas, “Locating virtual sound sources at arbitrary distances in
> real-time binaural reproduction,” Virtual Reality, vol. 19, pp. 201–212,
> Oct 2015.
> [2] C. Arevalo and J. Villegas, “Compressing head-related transfer
> function databases by eigen decomposi- tion,” in IEEE Int. Wkshp. on
> Multimedia Signal Processing (MMSP), (Tampere, Finland), Sep 2020.
> Let me know if you have questions,
> Julian.

José Rafael Subía Valdez
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