[PD] pd~ binary for max/msp - not really working yet

jayrope jayrope at gmail.com
Thu Sep 3 11:34:41 CEST 2020

Thank you, Miller, for looking into this

Using pd~ 0.4 in Max 7.34 with PD 0.50-2 on Mac OS 10.9. i find this error:

[pd~ -ninsig 2 -noutsig 2 -fifo 10] leads to right channel (2) not
receive anything from PD, while the max patch (same with the help file
associated with pd~) the right channel shows complete overload on the meter.

Just for a difference i tried 3 channels instead
[pd~ -ninsig 3 -noutsig 3 -fifo 10] moves the problem (including
displayed overload) to channel 3, now channel two works with PD.

Might help debugging.


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