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Alexandre Torres Porres porres at gmail.com
Sat Sep 5 16:30:14 CEST 2020

Em sáb., 5 de set. de 2020 às 09:04, João Pais <jmmmpais at gmail.com>

>> João, you say it can't "embed" and save contents with the patch, but
>> [text] allows you to do so with the "-k" flag, why don't you use it?
> [text define] is the base for [jp.coll], and it has to be created
> dynamically at startup. also, apparently the contents are saved with the pd
> file in a line such as "#A set this is a message \; this is another 1 ...
> \;;" From what I tested this is saved with the patch where [text define]
> resides, which in this case it's the abstraction and not in the main patch.
> This would need to be changed in Pd's workings so that -k contents are
> saved on the main patch file.

hmmm, I see. Then, what I'm thinking of is the [savestate] object, which is
used for that. It should work very easily, right?

>> You also have not implemented assoc and deassoc, I'm thinking about that.
>> coll saves the text separating with a comma the index and the
>> actual message. You can also do that with [text] and if you do so you could
>> potentially use it to define and detect an address, and have something else
>> associated with it - I hope you know what I mean and that I'm not too
>> confused.
> this is the main reason why I didn't name it [jmmmp/coll] but
> [jmmmp/jp.coll]. Adding commas to a [text] messes up the number of lines -
> can be seen already in the help of [text get]. Now I remembered I could put
> the commas back in, and do an internal conversion for the line number.

[text] will also tell you if the line ends with ";" or with "," - so you
could use this to differentiate if it's an address or the data.

Btw all (?) jmmmp objects are dependent on other jmmmp objects - mostly
> [f+]. Some of them have to rely on other libraries as well, but usually
> it's better to have the whole jmmmp together.

The thing about offering a vanilla patch is that it can be used in stuff
like libpd, camomile, etc... so someone may not want or can't have all of
the library. Anyway, [f+] is very simple, and it can be easily replaced
with [f] & [+] to become 100% full vanilla and dependency free (an external
vanilla abstraction is still an external dependency).

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