[PD] Fixed: menubutton bug ...

Ingo ingo at miamiwave.com
Mon Sep 14 11:30:38 CEST 2020

Hi Fred,

[tof/menubutton] is a great extarnal !

One thing that's on my wishlist which would be the ability to use columns.
I need sometimes menus with more items that fit onto a single HDMI screen like 
128 MIDI program names or menus with up to 256 items.

Would it be possible to add columns to fit all items onto one screen without 
having to scroll?
In order to work best it should either be settable how many rows are in one 
column or it should be set automatically according to the screen size.
Right now I'm getting 61 rows on Windows, if I remember correctly I got 60 (?) 
on Debian.

At least on my Windows mashine that I used for testing I could not scroll with 
my mouse wheel.
Not sure atm if it works on Linux where I usually need to use it.


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Hi List,
A new version of tof, 0.2.3 is available which fixes this bug, caused by my 
code-cleanup in 0.2.2. It is available for all the usual platforms. Thanks to 
Oliver for finding and reporting the bug.
Fred Jan
On 12/09/2020 03.09, oliver wrote:

i just discovered a bug in the [menubutton] object of the TOF library, in 
version 0.2.2

if you send a float to the [menubutton] object to recall an item by index (or 
also if you just want to "set" it with a float), it is always interpreted as 
0, no matter what the sent number was.

on the other hand, symbols work, also with the "set" method.

this bug wasn't there in TOF version 0.2.1, i checked it on PD 0.48 through 
0.51 (both 32 and 64 bit versions)



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