[PD] Advice on distributing pd-based software for apple

João Pais jmmmpais at gmail.com
Fri Sep 18 16:56:15 CEST 2020

Hi list,

I'm preparing a package based on Pd work, but I run into annoying problems
with recent apple OSs, namely notarization and security. Things seem to
work if the user commits to switching off all security protocols, but for
people who don't know Pd, they might be squeamish about this. Therefore I
wanted to ask a couple of questions to someone who might have experience in
distributing pd-based patches.

For clarity: the package is a max patch (for both runtime and standalone
versions), with the Pd app and patches included in a supporting folder -
running with the recent pd~ object. When done properly, the user won't even
be aware that pd itself is running.

- how can one avoid asking a user to allow safety access to Pd and its
externals? And while at that, to the max standalone as well?
- I'm myself a windows user, and don't have a mac - I can only get the
standalone compiled when a friend grants me access to his computer. Which
system do you advise to prepare a package? It works fine in 10.13, from
10.15 seems to be problematic.
- I had a look at codesigning a package, but it seems that it's necessary
to sign up as an apple developer and pay 100us a year, which I'm not
willing to do. The package won't be going to any app store, it's just to
distribute as a zip file for computers. Any way to circumvent this?


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