[PD] Advice on distributing pd-based software for apple

jayrope jayrope at gmail.com
Sat Sep 19 17:36:42 CEST 2020

Hi Joao, maybe don't worry about making a Mac version at all, if it
seems too far off your track.

Different fractions of users have a long time dispute over what OS etc.
to use. I can only recommend not to get to deep in it and rather stick
to what you got. The discussion doesn't seem to get more fruitful over
the last two decades... and especially maybe, because ongoing
audio-non-related updates to operating systems, other software and
hardware will render any temporary positive outcome of such discussion
useless by the next or overnext update.

Putting those two insights together i can tell you, that i would
personally would very much appreciate a Mac version not just reaching
back to 10.13.
Pure Data and Reaper are both positive examples for how to do this right:
Mac softwares available from 10.5 upwards and in 32bit and 64bit enable
your best friends, the udpate resistant users to continue to work on
without unnecessary updates and on machines, which are working for at
least decades.

NOT catering to the update craze as a dev is probably best practice
today, if you don't want to support paying for same functionality over,
and over, and over again. Just say no to Apple's dev policies. :D

My two Euro cents and good luck,


P.S.: Maybe the Reaper devs have good advice on Mac versions? They came
from Windows originally, and the software is available to all degrees of
users outside the apple store, which is great.

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> that's unfortunately not a practical solution either, to buy more hardware.
> the software already ran on laptops, and several people preferred an app
> (which is an even worse minefield for a developer).
> I think no one should buy apple anyway, but many people do, and my problem
> is how to get to them.


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