[PD] [pii2c] keeps and resends previous messages when addresses change

Alexandros adrcki at gmail.com
Wed Sep 23 09:40:01 CEST 2020

Sorry for coming back to this thread after so long, didn't have a Pi at
hand. I have attached a very simple patch which reproduces the bug.
You'll need to connect two I2C slave Teensy LC to the Pi. I have also
attached the two Arduino files that should be loaded to the Teensies.

What happens with this setup is that the Teensy that listens to 0x09
(i2c_mess2.ino file) receives messages even when something is sent to
0x0A. The Teensy that listens to 0x0A (i2c_mess1.ino file) doesn't seem
to be receiving anything.

One Teensy prints to the serial console and the other responds by
lighting up and turning off the LED on pin 13.

On 12/9/20 11:02 μ.μ., Martin Peach wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 10, 2020 at 2:25 PM Alexandros <adrcki at gmail.com> wrote:
>> When trying to send messages to two I2C slaves from the Pi with [pii2c]
>> the following happens:
>> If I send this message to [pii2c 0x0A]:
>> "write 3 127 7"
>> it arrives properly at the slave address 0x0A.
>> If I change the address to 0x09 with the message "addr 0x09" and then
>> send this message:
>> "write 97"
>> then both messages will be sent to the respective slaves, meaning that
>> "3 127 7" will be sent to slave 0x0A and "97" to slave 0x09. If I then
>> change the message sent to 0x09 to "98", this will be sent to 0x09, but
>> again "3 127 7" will be sent to 0x0A. If I resend "3 127 7" to 0x0A,
>> "98" (the last message set to 0x09) will be sent to 0x09 as well.
>> The same behavior occurs when I send the message "write 0x09 98". The
>> same behavior also occurs if I use two different [pii2c] objects, like this:
>> [write 3 127 7(
>> |
>> [pii2c 0x0A]
>> [write 97(
>> |
>> [pii2c 0x09]
> Hmmm I don't get this. Do you have a patch that will reproduce the bug?
> (I am also able to send messages longer than 32 bytes, with
> MAX_I2C_BUF_SIZE 64 in my copy of pii2c.c.)
> I used a teeny 3.2 as a slave (using i2c_t3 from
> https://github.com/nox771/i2c_t3) listening on all addresses. It only
> receives the messages on the addresses I set in the Pd patch.
> Perhaps you have a hidden [pii2c 0x0A] somewhere that is also
> receiving your write messages.
> Since [pii2c] is using the same memory space for each message any new
> message will effectively erase the old ones, so it's hard to explain
> two different messages coming from a single object.
> Martin
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