[PD] Number of the available midi ports shown

Maximiliano Estudies maxiestudies at gmail.com
Tue Sep 29 19:23:00 CEST 2020

Dear list,

I recently stumbled on a problem with the number of available midi
interfaces shown under _midi settings_. I am using four different
keyboards, three of them connected via USB Midi and one over a ESI M8U Midi
interface. I also need 4 internal IAC MIDI Buses.
My problem is that the ESI interface has 16 ports that are shown as
different devices, and Pd shows only the first 21 available devices, so
when the interface is connected I can't select some of the other keyboards
as inputs because they are not shown in the drop-down list.
I only need the first port of the ESI interface and I can't disable the
rest in the audio-midi config, and this is the only interface I have.
Would it be possible to extend the drop-down menu to all the devices?
I'm using Pd-0.50 on OSX Sierra (10.12).


Maximiliano Estudies
*VDT Referat Beschallung*
+49 176 36784771
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