[PD] theme all the things

Andre Osku Schmidt andre at osku.de
Sat Jan 2 13:27:05 CET 2021

hello people,

i'm on a (hobby) quest to match all the themes in my desktop (linux) system and could not resist to try if i could add theme support to pd...

attached is my first experiment (theme.patch for current pd git master), that defines colors in tcl/pd_theme.tcl for following initial (as in, only before user select) colors:

- canvas background
- all? text (but not labels)
- cords (can we call them cables? cause i always think of coordinates :P)
- in/outlet and borders of
  - object
  - message
  - number
  - symbol

before i dig much deeper (and make a branch and all that jazz), i was wondering:

- is someone working on this already? (i haven't used pd in a ~decade...)
- is there a better way to do this? (i'm a webmonkey, so dunno...)
- do we wanna theme tk(k) widgets from this theme too?
- or otherway round, theme pd widgets from tk(k) theme?
- and most importantly, how do we wanna name the colors? :D

or any other notes/comments/ideas/whishes you have.


ps. the included theme colors are ugly by design, so i can easily spot what has not yet changed. (and the all-the-things.pd is just for testing)
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