[PD] Polyphonic voice allocation and sustain pedal

alfonso santimone alfonso.santimone at gmail.com
Sat Jan 2 18:07:50 CET 2021

Hi all,
i'm trying to build a polyphonic voice allocation patch that include
sustain pedal (MIDI CC(64) ).
Is there any abstraction that i can look into?
My problems are :

1. How to deal with [poly] when the same note number is received (i.e,
three C4 in a row)
[poly] always assign a new voice slot to the incoming notes.
I'm trying to make it assign the same voice slot when the same note number
is received consecutively. I guess that i should mess with some arrays
keeping track of note numbers and voice slots.

2. How to deal with sustain pedal.
In the "real" world as with keyboard instruments like piano, rhodes etc.
the sustain pedal is used in different ways but the most common one is to
press the pedal immediately after a chord or note is played and then
release it when a new chord is played.
It can be used in more "effect" oriented ways.
Is there any patch or abstraction that i can look into? I guess i should
use a combination of [stripnote] and arrays/table/list to keep track of the
notes on and off events.
How this can be integrated with a polyphonic voice management with stealing
algorithm etc. etc.?

thanks and all the best
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