[PD] libraries not working

IOhannes m zmölnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Wed Jan 6 20:52:05 CET 2021

On 1/6/21 7:38 PM, Allister Sinclair wrote:
> Dear pd list,
> I have compiled and installed pd Pd 0.51.4 on Ubuntu Studio
> and some major libraries that I have reinstalled via deken no lonork,
> like zexy and iemlib. I tried with and without adding the path.
> It worked fine before on the same machine same os
> my externals are located in my home folder at
> /home/allister/.local/lib/pd/extra
> could that be a problem?

Pd will automatically search this path.

> externals used to be in /usr/lib/pd/extra/, but deken will only install
> stuff in
> /home/allister/.local/lib/pd/extra now

i doubt that deken ever installed into /usr/lib/pd/extra on your system 
(you *can* make it do that, but it's not very wise).

/usr/lib/pd/extra/ is the place where your package manager ("apt-get") 
will install external Pd-libraries into.
i take this as a hint that before, you used to run Pd from the 
"puredata" package that ships with Ubuntu Studio. correct?

> it says: bad option ".externals_searchui": must be -default, -detail,
> -icon, -message, -parent, -title, or -type

what is "it"?
when does it say that?

> Or could it be an incompatibility of the libraries with the latest version
> of pd?

no. very unlikely.
(unless you accidentally switched architectures when compiling Pd yourself.)

Pd itself is famous for keeping binary compatibility.
i'm pretty sure you can still load binaries that were compiled twenty 
years ago.

first thing to check is, whether Pd can actually find the externals 
(despite of what i said above).
start Pd with "-verbose" to see how it searches and what it finds.
raise the debug-level in the Pd-console to "4 all" to see more messages.
start Pd from the cmdline to see any additional messages.
search those additional messages for information on *why* a library 
could not be loaded.


PS: Debian/bullseye and Ubuntu/hirsute ship with Pd>=0.51-4

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