[PD] Declare library path on windows?

Christof Ressi info at christofressi.com
Thu Jan 7 02:49:02 CET 2021

Same thing. "Pd_Spectral_Toolkit" is distributed as a single binary 
library, which means you have to load it. If the library also contains 
abstractions, you also have to add the path. In your case that would be 
[declare -path Pd_Spectral_Toolkit -lib Pd_Spectral_Toolkit].


I really think we finally need a uniform [declare] syntax as proposed by 
https://github.com/pure-data/pure-data/pull/440. The binary format of 
library should be an implementation detail which the user shouldn't have 
to care about. For example, Kylee would only need to write [declare 


On 07.01.2021 02:40, Kylee Kennedy wrote:
> Hey list,
> What is the proper way to declare libraries on Windows 10? I'm unable 
> to declare and right slash the path like the wiki suggests. I'm 
> working with fftease~ and Pd_Spectal_Toolkit a bunch lately.
> "declare -path Pd_Spectral_Toolkit" doesn't seem to work. If I put the 
> full path and right slashes, they disappear when I switch back from 
> edit mode. The only process that works is if I open the extensions 
> object list first.
> Thanks,
> Kylee
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