[PD] Menlo in MacOS X

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Fri Jan 8 11:33:54 CET 2021

You can fix it in tcl/pd_menucommands.tcl by either trying the -fontmap option or changing the find-replace from "DejaVuSansMono" to "MenloRegular"

https://github.com/pure-data/pure-data/blob/master/tcl/pd_menucommands.tcl#L37 <https://github.com/pure-data/pure-data/blob/master/tcl/pd_menucommands.tcl#L37>

Right-click on the Pd-###.app and choose "Show package contents." The tcl scripts are in Contents/Resources/tcl. Edit the file and save, then (re)start the app to see any changes. Let us know what works.

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> Hi,
> I use the print option of Pd to create PS files that I then convert to PDF when I need to share a program in a presentation, paper, etc. I use Preview most of the time, but I have also used Ghostscript for this process too. No matter what tool I use, there’s always an error saying that the Menlo font file was not found and the resulting PDF is rendered with Courier fonts. 
> By looking at the Font Book, I know that the Postcript name of this font is “Menlo-Regular” so what I’m currently doing is to edit the ps file and replacing all instances of “Menlo” by “Menlo-Regular.” After saving it, I can then open it in whatever tool and the PDF is rendered with the intended font. 
> I could keep doing this, but it’s rather a hassle to add this extra editing step to the process. Is there any other way to fix this problem? For example, would this be worth of opening an issue in GitHub? 
> Thanks for the help, and have a nice weekend,
> Julian.

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