[PD] unicode symbols and Pd

Ingo ingo at miamiwave.com
Sun Jan 17 09:37:27 CET 2021

Not really a unicode thing but if I send [C#( to a canvas I get [C$(.
How can I get the # to be displayed in the canvas?

Unicode symbols would be great to have, though.
This would definitely simplify naming pitches / notes.


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Subject: [PD] unicode symbols and Pd

Hi, I'm working on an abstraction that converts MIDI pitches to note name 
symbols, such as "C?"

At first I was using lame symbols like "#" and "b" for sharp/flat, but I then 
tried the unicode symbols and it works nice on my patch. The thing is I wanna 
share this abstraction as part of my library and I'm not sure it'll work 
everywhere. For reference, here's the sharp unicode character 
compart.com/en/unicode/U+266F - in [list fromsymbol], this character gives me 
"226 153 175".

In fact I'm even able to use double sharps (??) and double flast (??). I guess 
I can use "lame" symbols for these also, like "x" and "bb", but it's nice if 
we have support for these symbols.

Now, at this page => https://www.alt-codes.net/music_note_alt_codes.php I see 
just a few of the music symbols (far from all). The rest are just empty 
squares... and I wonder then if some of you are seeing those squares here 
instead of the sharp/flat symbols.

So, I'm on macOS mojave, I never installed fonts here...

Anyway, so, I wonder what's the deal with unicode characters in general, how 
do they show up or not, and if and how we can know if Pd will display them.

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