[PD] unicode symbols and Pd

oliver oliver at klingt.org
Sun Jan 17 19:40:46 CET 2021

> BTW, I just tried replacing the pound sign [35( with unicode [8983( which is a
> pound sign for telephones.
> This works on the current Pd 0.51

how so ?

on my machines (win, debian) ASCII code is still wrapped between 0 and 
255, like always. so sending ASCII 8983 to [list tosymbol] outputs the 
same result as ASCII 23. (I'm on PD 0.51.2)

BTW, i use ASCII 164 as a (well, rather unsatisfying) replacement for 
ASCII 35 (diamond).

And yes, I agree it would be great if canvases would allow this 
character to be displayed correctly.



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