[PD] Symbol atom showing backslashes

Alexandre Torres Porres porres at gmail.com
Mon Jan 25 22:43:03 CET 2021

Em seg., 25 de jan. de 2021 às 17:47, Roman Haefeli <reduzent at gmail.com>

> I think it got introduced in 0.51, btw.

but the escape mechanism was always there, I can see it in Pd Extended 0.42
that it escapes \$0, I guess it got "fixed" and expanded to all cases

> Is there a reason why symbol atoms add a backslash in front of
> > spaces?

I see that it doesn't make much sense in a symbol box, where everything is
a symbol.

I once opened an issue because I was hoping I could type an unescaped
"$0-x" symbol inside a symbol box, so it could come out as an expanded
symbol. One could be able to explicitly type the escape character if
wanted. Anyway, just bringing that also to the table.
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