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Alexandre Torres Porres porres at gmail.com
Tue Feb 2 16:55:06 CET 2021

Em sex., 29 de jan. de 2021 às 07:37, katja <katjavetter at gmail.com>

> However, I'm not sure whether brushing up this old port is worth the
> effort, also considering the nameclash potential. The CEAMMC port
> seems to expose more options from the library (anti-aliasing):
> https://github.com/uliss/pure-data/blob/ceammc/ceammc/extra/SoundTouch/pd/soundtouch_tilde.cpp
> Unfortunately there's no Linux build of CEAMMC in deken so I couldn't
> quickly compare implementations. Porres can you explain the reason for
> updating an old port while there is a maintained implementation
> available?

I'm just getting things available on the internet somewhere and putting it
in deken as well as it feels like the main place to get all externals for
Pd. You have these binaries provided in your page, and maybe people are
using it. Maybe people need to use a version for 64 bits, especially now
that macOS is 64 bits only. The nameclash is still true and happens if
people get it from your website. It sucks I know, but it happens every now
and then here and there. It did also happen inside Pd Extended. What we
need is a way to deal and manage this and we already have it.

Anyway, unless you really feel this shouldn't be available anywhere
anymore, and in that case I mean it should also be removed from your
website? Of course I don't think that should be the case, especially
because you have an amazing article over there.

I haven't really compared the implementations of ceammc, but what usually
happens is that externals from ceammc have some particularities that are
special to that fork of Pd, like special messages using "@", and they're
usually integrated into that system. Having a single, light, updated and
independent version of soundtouch~ for all systems seems like a good idea.
The more the merrier.
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