[PD] who still needs Pd 32 bits for macOS and why?

João Pais jmmmpais at gmail.com
Sat Feb 6 18:30:19 CET 2021

>     So y'all can also answer me why you need 32 builds of
>     windows/linux, if it has to do with externals only being available
>     for 32 bits. Cause my main concern is to upgrade "relevant"
>     libraries. But I mentioned macOS cause that's where I can really
>     help most.
> We all know new macOS systems are 64 bits only. Now we have the new M1 
> chips that I believe CANNOT run older systems. Therefore, 32 bits is 
> deprecated!
> Now, I don't know what's the deal with PCs. I guess anyone can get any 
> new PC computer and run Pd 32 bits if they want/need, right? I guess I 
> need to ask: What's the deal with windows/linux? Do any of you suffer 
> with 32 vs 64 bits issues? Like needing a 64 bit system and not having 
> 64 bit externals for Pd or whatever?

in windows that's not a problem, it's common to have 64+32b software 
running. I doubt that any 32b hardware is still being produced, maybe 
there's some in the 2nd hand market (I also have 2 mac powerpcs at home, 
but don't use them, and probably it's not worth it to consider these 

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