[PD] who still needs Pd 32 bits for macOS and why?

bbob fluxmonk at gmail.com
Sun Feb 7 02:15:12 CET 2021


pretty obscure, i'm sure, but I have a project using Tom Zicarelli's
32bit pd-rtlsdr library (https://github.com/tkzic/pd-rtlsdr).  I've written
to Tom a couple times to ask if he's ever thinking about updating it... or
if not, if he'd allow someone else to, though I wouldn't have the faintest
clue about how to do that myself.


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> Subject: [PD] who still needs Pd 32 bits for macOS and why?
> I was discussing this with Eric Lyon cause we're getting an official
> fftease 3.0 release out soon (heads up).
> It seems that people who need this are the ones who still use some
> externals that were only compiled for 32 bits. So I guess the question
> should be "which relevant externals are still only available for 32 bits?"
> The new macOS systems are 64 bits only, sooner or later we'll all have to
> provide 64 bit builds for the relevant externals out there.
> I haven't checked them all thoroughly but it seems that all externals from
> Pd extended are available in deken for 64 bits, right? So I can't see why
> people still need 32 bit versions. Or I mean I don't know which library is
> still 32 bits only and I guess what needs to be done is just get them
> compiled for 64 bits anyway, and I could help with that.
> cheers
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