[PD] Advice on netsend to broadcast

João Pais jmmmpais at gmail.com
Sun Feb 7 15:46:14 CET 2021

>>>> I'm preparing a patch using [netsend -u -b], sending to
>>>> with my home devices. This was working quite well, but suddenly
>>>> one
>>>> of
>>>> them stopped sending data to this address
>>> Does the outlet of [netsend] indicate that it is connected still?
>>> Maybe
>>> it hasn't stopped sending, but messages are not forwarded anymore
>>> by
>>> the router (assuming that your computers are using wifi or ethernet
>>> cable to router and are not connected directly). Hard to tell without
>>> more info. You could try restart the computers and even the router.
>>> So you also have a [netreceive -u -b] in your patch?

yes, it's connected. All computers have been restarted several times, I 
just tried the router as well but with no changes.

The same type of netreceive is being used, everything was working for a 
couple of weeks until it suddenly changed (without changing the patch or 
the system settings).

>> BTW: Have you tested if it transmission works when connecting to the
>> other computer's IP address instead of the broadcast address? If not,
>> does it work when you connect to localhost?

For sending, It works with, and the direct IP, but not 

For receiving, It works with, and the direct IP, but not 

In my both other computers, all these methods work.

> Also, do you receive your own messages when sending to broadcast
> address?

Yes it does, with both types of broadcast listed above.

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