[PD] OSC problem

Csaba Láng langcsaba at gmail.com
Mon Feb 8 22:02:47 CET 2021

Dear list,

I have made a little program in Unity to send over OSC (port 7000) 60 times
per second if a trigger was touched or not (1 and 0 respectively)

However, any of my tries if it was over localnetwork or via IP to port 7000
nothing comes to Pd.
Tried udp, tcp and netreceive but cannot catch any of the signals which
looks like this
/trigger0/0 or /trigger34/1

Anyway, netreceive print to the console: slipdec: maximum packet length is

What could go wrong?
When I use Arena or Artnet the OSC is running with all the info I need, but
Pd is muted totally.


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