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Check out the mrpeach-to-vanilla-osc.pad here: https://github.com/danomatika/BangYourHead/tree/master/6.Communication <https://github.com/danomatika/BangYourHead/tree/master/6.Communication>

It has a basic overview on sending/receiving OSC in Pd vanilla as well as a small cheatsheet when coming from the mrpeach objects.

In my usage, I have not run into any major issues with Pd's vanilla OSC handling but a couple of  come to mind:

* If you are sending arguments with your message, it may help to send them explicitly,

ie. (pseudo code)

msg = newOSCMessage("/some/address")

* Avoid encoding numeral indices in the address, if possible. I prefer to make indices the first argument, so:

    /trigger0/0 could be /trigger 0 0 where the "0" index is the first argument and the second argument would be the state

The issue is that when [oscparse] parses the message, it breaks it into a list. Any parts of the address are sent as symbols so matching to "0" index in "/trigger0/0" address has to be matched as a symbol and not a float in pd.

Example, parsing /trigger0/0 -> results in a list:

symbol: "trigger0"
symbol: "0"

Whereas parsing /trigger0 0 -> results in a list

symbol: "trigger0"
float: 0

> On Feb 9, 2021, at 11:47 AM, pd-list-request at lists.iem.at wrote:
> hi Csaba - i have done a fair amount of work with OSC in Unity and i highly
> recommend the extOSC plugin for this (it's free).
> https://github.com/Iam1337/extOSC <https://github.com/Iam1337/extOSC>

I agree. Don't roll your own unless you're familiar with OSC and fiddling with networking bytes.


> homemade OSC sounds cool but there are a lot of flavors and not all of them
> play well with PD. i tried a number of options and what worked on receive
> in PD was the following:
> [iemnet/udpreceive] (with the port set at loadbang) -> [oscparse] - [list
> trim] and then [route] to send it places.

I'd be curious to know why [netreceive] didn't work for you in your case. We recently did an overhaul of all the networking, so I imagine the vanilla [netreceive] may work for you now. If there is a bug, it would be good to know about it...

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