[PD] unicode symbols and Pd

Alexandre Torres Porres porres at gmail.com
Mon Feb 15 07:32:13 CET 2021

Em seg., 15 de fev. de 2021 às 00:57, Christof Ressi <info at christofressi.com>

> I'm not sure if it's even possible on macOS and Linux, you would have to
> do some research.

Maybe Dan has already shed some light on this

Em ter., 19 de jan. de 2021 às 12:38, Dan Wilcox <danomatika at gmail.com>

> The Pd GUI does not load a font file directly (from ttf, otf, etc), and
> this is good, as things like font caching are good to have, especially when
> it's handled by the system for you.
> As mentioned in the fonts/README.txt in the Pd sources, DejaVu Sans Mono
> is now standard on most platforms (Menlo is a very close replacement on
> macOS for now) because:
> * Linux: the font is a dependency, ie. installing pd via apt-get also
> installs DVSM
> * Windows: the font file itself is shipped with Pd and loaded into Tk
> using a custom Tcl extension written in C which calls the Windows API to
> have the system load the font file and make it available, this way people
> don't have to manually install DVSM to their system when using Pd
> * macOS: the font file itself is shipped within the Pd .app bundle and the
> system reads a key inside the Info.plist which tells it to find and load
> that file when the Pd .app is opened.

so, for a first attempt, I'd tell linux users only to "hey, install this
yourselves", they'll even be happy :)

windows is pretty covered and we can see if we can adapt mac to load an
external that can read a key inside a given Info.plist

> The main patch canvas uses the single font specified by -font-face when
> rendering. The IEM GUI object labels have 3 font options, but none are
> settable, ie. replace or add a new option. It would probably be difficult
> to modify the canvas to work with "rich text" where fonts and styles could
> be mixed and matched. Maybe I'm wrong on this, but I'm not sure if anyone
> has tried with the Tk GUI itself, more probably with one of the forks.

yeah, rich text and multiple fonts would be nice to design documentation,
but something related to this is happening, where if you have unicode
glyphs installed in your system, Pd seems to find them even though they're
not in DJVSM

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