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> On Feb 15, 2021, at 10:18 AM, Dan Wilcox <danomatika at gmail.com> wrote:
>> so, for a first attempt, I'd tell linux users only to "hey, install this
>> yourselves", they'll even be happy :)
> Yes. This is simpler by far.
> Note: it was suggested in another mail to use the PdFontLoader which is a workaround for loading local fonts on Windows. This would work for within a GUI plugin, no external required, but I would not assume the font loader and it's calling style will stay consistent as it's not really a "public API" part of there GUI. I would personally try a GUI plugin first which just runs the TK calls to load whatever font you want, then it could be used either by retrieving the font instance or via the font-family name. After that, however, you don't really have a way too *use* it directly unless you are sending actual Tcl strings around... 
>> windows is pretty covered and we can see if we can adapt mac to load an
>> external that can read a key inside a given Info.plist
> Nope. This will not work. It's only a convenience when the app bundle is started and not a dynamic option which can be changed or invoked after the app is running.
>>> The main patch canvas uses the single font specified by -font-face when
>>> rendering. The IEM GUI object labels have 3 font options, but none are
>>> settable, ie. replace or add a new option. It would probably be difficult
>>> to modify the canvas to work with "rich text" where fonts and styles could
>>> be mixed and matched. Maybe I'm wrong on this, but I'm not sure if anyone
>>> has tried with the Tk GUI itself, more probably with one of the forks.
>> yeah, rich text and multiple fonts would be nice to design documentation,
>> but something related to this is happening, where if you have unicode
>> glyphs installed in your system, Pd seems to find them even though they're
>> not in DJVSM
> In the end, you still have the same problem: providing *local* fonts, not installed on the system, to Pd and "rich text" which is harder as I don't believe Tk has this as a built in option, unique southing like macOS's Cocoa API NSTextView which supports attributed strings.
> Honestly, this is a bunch of extra work to provide a small set of symbols whereas there are quire a number of other issues which, I feel, take higher priority of messaging/.development bandwidth.
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