[PD] Image from shader back to Gem

oliver oliver at klingt.org
Mon Feb 15 16:57:53 CET 2021

>> should we open a new category there ?
>> or maybe that already exists and i missed it ?
>> anybody else on this list that has some GEM shaders to share ?
> lot's have already been send on this list!

i will recheck the archives.
still, i think a central spot on the web containing GEM-ready shaders 
would be great, instead of having to dig through mailing lists.

if i have the time and do some more research i guess i'll start one on 

>> i have the feeling that a lot of people using GEM "roll their own" 
>> shaders  (i, for one, did) and it would be a great thing to join 
>> forces, so one doesn't have to reinvent the wheel when looking for a 
>> simple "brightness/contrast" shader ...
> funny, this one can be found in 
> pd/help/browser/Gem/exemples/10.glsl/01.simple_texture.pd

haha, right. bad example ;-)
so make that "looking for a simple [threshold] shader" ...

> it's quite easy to use shader from shadertoy, at least when it's a 
> single pass rendering.

thanks, i will do some research

>> the resulting texture seems to be 1x1 dimension. i'm sure the error is 
>> somewhere in the .vert part.
> or texturing mode (rectangular or not)

tried that already, but it must be something else.
anyway, thanks for all hints !



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