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Philip Stone pkstone at ucdavis.edu
Thu Feb 25 00:28:49 CET 2021

peterparker at fastmail.com<mailto:peterparker at fastmail.com> writes:

>Don't know if
>is up to date and of help for you, but you might wanna check it and get
>back with more specific questions and possibly a new email subject.

>> I have to say that I have gotten kind of lost in the discussions about loading and declaring external libraries. I would like >>to embrace the current best practices, but don?t have a solid overview of the whole. Would anybody be willing to write >>up a summary?

(Hope this is a better subject line).

That very page has an expired link to a Google drive tutorial which sounds like just the thing I was talking about, so I’d say that it’s not up to date. I’d love to see best practices for [declare] blended into it. The helpfile for [declare] is good, but how’s a newbie even supposed to know to use the [declare] object in the first place? I’m just asking for an overview, is all.


Phil Stone
Davis, CA

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