[PD] restrict "find externals" to exact matches

Antoine Rousseau antoine at metalu.net
Sat Feb 27 00:30:51 CET 2021

> how would you see such a change?

I'm all ok with it!

Le ven. 26 févr. 2021 à 11:12, IOhannes m zmoelnig <zmoelnig at iem.at> a
écrit :

> hi all,
> i would like to change the way the "find externals" search currently works.
> right now, whenever you enter a simple search term (e.g. "foo"), the
> search will return all libraries and objects that have the string "foo"
> somewhere in their name.
> i think this is wrong, as it makes it extra hard to search for an exact
> name that happens to also be used as a part of library/object names.
> the problem is somewhat enlarged, as by default both libraries and
> objects are searched, and the object-results are kind of opaque (e.g.
> looking for "lim" will return 10 hits.
> among them is "bandLIMited", zexy and iemlib.
> to the user it's a bit mysterious why they get these results (they
> probably don't know that there's a [limiter~] in zexy, or a [speedlim]
> in iemlib).
> i think it would help a lot if a search term like "lim" would only
> return exact matches.
> it's probably little known, but you can already use wildcards in your
> search term.
> so if you do want to search for any string containg 'lim', you can
> (already) use "*lim*".
> you can also use "lim*" (to match any strings that start with 'lim')
> resp "*lim" (for strings that end with 'lim').
> right now, the logic is: if there is no wildcard in the searchstring,
> the server will automatically add '*' around the term (so 'lim' really
> becomes '*lim*')
> i'd like to require the user to add wildcards explicitely.
> the thing is: the implicit wildcards are added on the server-side.
> if i change it there, suddenly all searches are going to behave
> different than how they do now.
> regardless of the Pd-veresion (or deken-plugin version) you are using.
> how would you see such a change?
> would the disruption be acceptable?
> or not? (in which case i need to find some other solution; however, if
> the current behaviour is annoying to most people anyhow, i'd rather
> change it for good)
> gfmadrs
> IOhannes
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