[PD] Pd and computer crash/freeze when using [comport], bug?

Alexandros adrcki at gmail.com
Sun Apr 11 16:26:48 CEST 2021

I had a look at your setup. In my computer I could lower [metro] down to 
3ms without issues. At 2ms Pd crashed. One thing to note: upload the 
following code to your Arduino board:

void setup() {

void loop() {

In Pd connect [comport] to [print]. If Pd prints 13 you should be good 
to go with the [serial_print] abstraction (and I don't know what's wrong 
and why your computer crashes, TBH). If Pd prints 10 then you need the 
[serial_print13] abstraction (it might be counter intuitive that when 
you don't get 13 printed you need [serial_print13], but that's how I've 
named them...). In my computer I get a 10 printed, on my Raspberry Pi 
with a Teensy I get 13. I have no idea why this happens, it seems to 
depend on the hardware.

On 10/4/21 11:26 π.μ., Nicklas Lundberg wrote:
> Thank you for doing this. It may also be relevant that I experienced 
> the exact same of freeze/crash behavior when using Pduino.
>     Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2021 17:14:18 +0300
>     From: Alexandros <adrcki at gmail.com <mailto:adrcki at gmail.com>>
>     To: pd-list at lists.iem.at <mailto:pd-list at lists.iem.at>
>     ...
>     This has to do with the abstraction I made then. We did discuss
>     about it
>     on Pd's forum, but it didn't occur to me that this could be the case.
>     I'll have a look at it and get back to you.
>     On 9/4/21 5:10 ?.?., Nicklas Lundberg wrote:
>     > Hmm, it does not crash when [serial_print any] is disconnected. You
>     > can quit normally.
>     >
>     > This may be relevant:
>     >
>     > Pd console reports no errors when communication fails when
>     trying too
>     > fast updates (with [serial_print any] disconnected less than 30 ms).
>     >
>     > I uploaded a similar setup (pd patch+arduino sketch) to the folder.
>     > Here it does not crash even if updates are sent every 1 ms. And
>     the pd
>     > console starts to write error messages when the communication is
>     too
>     > fast (starts around 7 ms).
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