[PD] kiosk-plugin crashes Pd

rolfm at dds.nl rolfm at dds.nl
Wed Apr 28 15:07:31 CEST 2021

windows 10, Pd-51.0-64

KioskNewWindow True
ShowMenu False
ScrollBars False

the kiosk.cfg is in the same map as the Pd-patch.

when opening a patch the menu-bar is still present,
it disappears after clicking in/on the patch window.

when opening a patch with several sub-patch windows already open,
the menu-bars are present, but Pd crashes when clicking on the sub-patch
sometimes it's immediately at the first one, other times at the second
or the third.

when opening the main patch first, and the sub-patch windows later 
with a [vis 1( message  in the main patch, the timing seems important: 

when using a [loadbang] - [del 100]  the menu-bars are still present, as
is the crashing of Pd after clicking on the windows. 

with [del 1000] the menu-bars are gone, and Pd does not crash.

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