[PD] Pd number boxes, slider boxes, etc. don't update if my main patch is not visible during starting up (Debian) Tcl/Tk 8.6

Ingo ingo at miamiwave.com
Sun May 23 03:48:00 CEST 2021


I have a strange problem with my number boxes, sliders and a few more
graphical objects that don't update when my main patch is not visible during
starting up. I'm running Debian with Tcl/Tk 8.6.

I had this problem before and it had been discussed here before. I had
figured out that keeping the main patch window visible during starting up
fixes it.
However, it looks kind of ugly and messy in comparison to displaying a
startup logo . . .

I have a relative complicated way of starting up which works fine as long as
my main patch is visible.
Now I tried to add a logo with a .jpg picture in GEM (2nd patch being
started with a script at the same time as my main patch window - connected
with netsend / netreceive) covering the messy looking pd window and main
patch window during starting up.

The problem that I get is that a lot of graphical objects like number boxes,
radio buttons and sliders look like they are stuck when the main patch is
not visible when starting up. I. e. starting up works fine, the patches get
created and work but the UI is unusable due to the fact that e. g. number
boxes and sliders don't get updated graphically anymore when being changed.
So a number box outputs numbers but always shows "0". A slider sends numbers
but is graphically stuck at the position of creation, etc.

I have tried several ways of hiding my main patch either by opening a GEM
.jpg fullscreen with a logo or [loadbang] - [patchname vis 0] or moving the
window outside of the visible screen with [hcs/sys_gui]. Using some of these
methods used with [loadbang] and no delay crash Pd while they work with a
delay of 1000 ms. This has been discussed and confirmed here with the kiosk
plugin being activated in some cases.

The effect that e. g. number boxes don't get updated remains no matter how I
hide my main patch window - unless my main patch is visible when starting
up. The number boxes still send the values e. g. to a canvas (or a connected
message box with [prepend set]) but the number boxes themselves keep
displaying "0".

Does anybody know of a way for resetting the graphical response of these
Tcl/Tk objects?
It could be possible that they get graphically deactivated or sent to the
background when starting up invisibly.
It happens with any new or existing window that is being opened or created

I tried searching for some kind of a "reset" in Tcl/Tk but couldn't find
I'm suspecting that is could be an issue of being graphically deactivated
due to being in the background upon creation.
Any help from anyone who knows more about Tcl/Tk would be appreciated.


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