[PD] Binaural w32?

Dan Wilcox danomatika at gmail.com
Wed Jun 2 11:46:06 CEST 2021

I updated the earplug~ external to build using pd-lin-builder, so it should be easy to build on Windows:

https://github.com/pd-externals/earplug/tree/main <https://github.com/pd-externals/earplug/tree/main>

It's not the best but we use it for a project at work. It can use some additional optimizations and the dataset is for 44.1k so you are in luck. For our project, we are likely to introduce resampling for other sample rates so it's more accurate beyond 44.1k...

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> Hi list,
> what is the current state of the art in binaural externals? I see in the 
> archives that there are several around, each with advantages/disadvantages.
> I would need it to:
> - windows 32b
> - record the output of an already existing patch with x-y 
> coordinates/trajectories into binaural audio
> - sample rate fixed at 44.1KHz
> - there are around 500 samples with an individual player, so each will 
> need its own enconder. They don't play necessarily all together, though.
> Best,
> Joao

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