[PD] cyclone 0.2beta1 wasn't showing up in deken for macOS + issues with other old versions

IOhannes m zmölnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Wed Jun 2 22:11:16 CEST 2021

On 6/2/21 18:27, Alexandre Torres Porres wrote:
> So, cyclone 0.2beta1 wasn't showing up in deken for macOS, this is
> something I've been aware of for years, but I only decided to do
> something about it today.
> So I uploaded a new build I did
> https://puredata.info/Members/porres/software/cyclone/0.2beta1/
> The other version that's still up there is in
> https://puredata.info/Members/fjkraan/software/cyclone/0.2beta1/ I don't
> know why this build and upload doesn't show for macOS, what's the issue,
> but hey, maybe we keep it to, I don't know... just warning you people of
> what's going on.

it does show up.

but the package does not provide a Darwin/amd64/single-precision binary, 
that's why it doesn't show up as a native-package for the Pd you are 
using (instead it some weirdo "X86_64" architecture, which is unknown to 

> The 0.1alpha56 version is what's actually named as extended.v00 and that

there's no such version on deken.

> was part of Pd-Extended 0.43, 0.1alpha55 is the one that was part of
> extended for most of its run and i'd like to upload that too eventually.
> It'd be good to name them both as 'extended' and use their actual version
> next to it (extended.0.1-alpha55 / extended.0.1-alpha56) - could we do that?
> Yes dear IOhannes, I'm asking you :)

i hear you, but i don't know what you are asking.

 > could we do that?

yes, from a technical pov.

but i'm not sure about the merits.

- putting "extended" at the beginning of the version string is certain 
to break any version sorting. i'm not entirely sure whether those fossil 
should always be sorted on top. (it has the side-effect that people 
would start downloading the original cyclone by krzysztof, rather than 
any new fangled fork)
- but putting the name "extended" into the version, sounds like a bad 
idea anyhow. what information will people get from it? and why don't you 
just put "jessie" or "trusty" in it as well (iirc, Debian/jessie and 
Ubuntu/trusty shipped this version of cyclone - there was a world 
outside of pd-extended, even back then).
   - yes there are "v0.0extended" versions. i think i've explained 
already, that this was done in order to not have to track down the exact 
version of 100 or so externals (most of which where snapshots anyhow so 
they had no *real* version, even if some of them would print a version 
string whenbeing loaded). these files were the *actual binaries* from 
Pd-extended. the version-number 0.0 was chosen so any library would be 
sorted before those stub-uploads once a "proper" package was uploaded.

i'm also not sure about the actual merits of uploading newly compiled 
binaries of 15 year old libraries that are still actively maintained.
the original upload happened because we needed a starting base to make 
deken attractive.
it also helped people port their patches from Pd-extended.
but there never was a RPi version of Pd-extended.

i'm all for keeping old versions around (as in: don't ever delete 
artefacts from deken)
but that doesn't necessarily mean that we should re-surrect bitrotten 

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