[PD] Re [cyclone/MouseState] not working with the Kiosk Plugin on Linux

Ingo ingo at miamiwave.com
Fri Jun 4 15:16:50 CEST 2021

I finally used [iemguts/receivecanvas] because it turned out to be 100%
reliable - no matter how many devices I have connected.


The lastest cyclone update still didn't work for me.

I must have used an older version [MouseState] - the newer one is in small
letters [mousestate].

That doesn't make it work any better in my case with the kiosk plugin.


Alexandres [else/button] works also well but had the problem that I couldn't
find out how to lable it.

As soon as I put it behind another canvas for labeling it didn't work
anymore - switching on is fine but it didn't switch off anymore unless it's
on top.


Thanks all of you guys for helping out!

I appreciate it!





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Did you try iemguts/receivecanvas ?



[PD] [cyclone/MouseState] not working with the Kiosk Plugin on Linux


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02/06/2021 à 19:11



"'Pd list'"  <mailto:pd-list at lists.iem.at> <pd-list at lists.iem.at>

I was wondering if anybody else is having trouble with [cyclone/MouseState]
when the kiosk plugin is running.

It's not working anymore here with Debian.


I have made myself an alternative with [hid] but it's not 100% reliable.


[MouseState] was the only left mouse button recognition that always worked
with absolutely every mouse and touch screen.

Especially with multiple devices like a mouse and a touch screen at the same
time - there was never a problem.


With [hid] the mouse is recognized 90-95% of the time but not always. After
unplugging and reconnecting it works.

When I'm having two devices at the same time chances that one of them
doesn't work after starting up increases.


I'm monitoring /dev/input/ and see if mouse0 or mouse1 is present and if yes
I check for the hid ID which works perfectly.

But [hid] sometimes simply doesn't open the mouse. [hid] only works with the
numbers like [open 7(.

[open mouse( or [open mouse1( or [open mouse 1( does not do anything.


Does anyone know how to get [cyclone/MouseState] to work with the kisok


Alternatively, is there a button that registers momentary mouse pressing and
releasing with a "1" and "0 "?

This means not a switch like [toggle] that needs clicking twice for on / off
(1 / 0 )!


I couldn't find anything.


I have buttons that change their function when being pressed briefly or
being held for 2 seconds.





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