[PD] Binaural w32?

João Pais jmmmpais at gmail.com
Sun Jun 6 12:24:23 CEST 2021

>> 1st order with 4 channels seems to already provide stereo spacialization
> Sure, but higher ambisonics orders give more accuracy.

I'll try out. there are at least 6 sources to spatialize, which means 6x 
enconding+decoding plugins adding to the patch. I'm assuming these 
aren't the heaviest processing, but there are already up to 1000 
tabplay~ playing sometimes.

>> (I just want to turn a stereo signal into stereo binaural). 
> I guess you also want to spatialize the signal in some way? There is 
> no benefit in just "converting" a stereo track to binaural IMO, the 
> stereo image just gets worse...

you're right, a spacialization will be added.

>> I couldn't also find any documentation on how to control the vst 
>> parameters in the website
> Just like any other VST plugin. Have a look at the "pd parameter" 
> section in vstplugin~-help.pd

ah, now I found out that the values are scaled between 0 and 1. This 
makes sense now.

Since I have you here (without abusing), do you know the most adequate 
formula to convert a xy or xyz (cartesian??) coordinate system to the 
stereoencoder coordinates (which I assume are polar?)?

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