[PD] Ability to access error messages from patch

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Mon Jun 14 13:29:14 CEST 2021

On 6/14/21 10:23 AM, Roman Haefeli wrote:
> On Mon, 2021-06-14 at 10:02 +0200, Peter P. wrote:
>>   I am wondering how one would
>> parse these error messages if they came from one single object outlet
>> to
>> tell where the error originated from?
> I am wondering about that, too. Maybe a [pderror] would be canvas-local
> and only report errors from objects belonging to the local canvas? And
> it would prepend the name of the object to the message?

i quite like the idea of having a canvas-scope for such an object.

however, i think [pderror] is a bad name, as i would expect this object 
to be usable for *generating* errors (ala [print]), rather than 
outputting them.

anyhow, i think the proposal maps nicely to what other languages offer 
as "exception handling".
from that pov, a good name would be [catch] (which would be *very* good, 
if, alas! that weren't already occupied by the similarly named but 
totally different [catch~]), or [except] (but i somehow have the feeling 
that this would need some explicit *connection* to the object that is 
bailing out).

with iemgut's in mind, i would go for [canvaserror] (or, for a more 
general case: [canvasconsole]).

On 6/14/21 10:37 AM, Peter P. wrote:
 > Yes, that's a good idea, but what if there are two identical objects
 > on the same canvas?

i think that would be *your* problem.
if you want to catch error messages from two instances of the same 
objectclass, just put them into separate canvases.
simple as that.

e.g. cf the python code
   print("one of the two conversions failed")

while thinking about the exception analogy, it might be interesting to 
be able to re-throw an error message:
if you don't want to hande the error in your canvas, you can just pass 
it on to the parent canvas by sending it to an [error] object.

the same could apply to [print], which can be considered just as a 
"low-priority error".


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