[PD] Ability to access error messages from patch

Claude Heiland-Allen claude at mathr.co.uk
Thu Jun 17 13:54:40 CEST 2021

Hi all,

On 17/06/2021 12:25, IOhannes m zmoelnig wrote:
> Pd is a data flow language and I thikn the per-canvas paradigm maps 
> well to the idea of data "passing through a danger zone" - which it 
> can also leave as well. 
> however, I do like oliver's idea of hooking up such a [catch]-like 
> object in the object-tree. 

Both have their merits, I suppose the depth first flow version could 
benefit from another object to uninstall the error handler, making it 
able to emulate the per-canvas mechanism.

A feature like "(re-)throw error/exception to parent" could be useful in 
both cases; with top-level unhandled errors getting printed in the 
console.  And a "throw error to current exception handler" would be 
useful too.

This proliferation of objects makes me think that it could be useful to 
have an [error foo] set of objects, like [list].

Something like this perhaps (swap outlet order if you like, doesn't 
bother me)

[error begin  ]
  |           |
[foo]      recover from bar and baz errors (apart from error 42 from 
bar) as well as errors from foo
[error begin      ]
  |            |
[bar]         [route 42                    ]
  |            |                            |
[error end]  recover from bar error 42     [error throw]


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