[PD] mtof does cents (hooray!) suggestion to state that in the helpfile

hans w. koch hansw.koch at gmail.com
Fri Jun 25 21:27:32 CEST 2021

today to my amazement, i discovered, that the midi decimals in mtof equal cents :-)
sorry, for stating the obvious. better late then never, at least for me…i literally hit my head when i recognized this.
i´ve searched the archives for "mtof cents” and didn´t find a mention of this.

now that i´ve outed myself as a dummie, forward on with one suggestion:
wouldn´t it be helpful for future slowfoxes like me, to mention that somehow in mtofs helpfile?
at the moment it reads: You can specify microtonal pitches as in "69.5" (a quarter tone higher than 69).
my suggestion would be to add: The decimals specify cents as in .01 = 1 cent.

further question:
i am working in a recent pd vanilla double and was expecting to see more decimals
pd: 69.031 into mtof gives 440.789
javascript: 440 + 3.1 cent gives: 440.78858311490677
its not that i would claim to hear a difference between 440.789 and 440.7885 hz, but i could imagine cases, where working further these roundings accumulate.
or maybe another case of limitation on the display-side of things?


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