[PD] variable speed tabwrite~?

Peter P. peterparker at fastmail.com
Thu Jul 15 22:15:51 CEST 2021

Hi list,

hope you are fine!

I am trying to build a variable speed looper which can change its
reading and writing speed by the same factor. How could this be done? It
seems there is no object that allows writing to a table (or delay line)
at fractional speed.

There is some discussion about [tabrwrite4~] or [ipoke~] in the list
archives, but it seems it never led somewhere near an implementation,
unless I am missing something.

Could it work by placing order-forced [tabwrite~] and [tabread~] into a
resampled subpatch perhaps? It would not allow seemlessly variable
speed if it worked at all...

thanks for all ideas/pointers!

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