[PD] Nestable Dictionaries in Pd

Pierre Alexandre Tremblay tremblap at gmail.com
Tue Sep 7 16:37:46 CEST 2021

Dear all

I am trying to find the most Pd-vanilla-way to interface with our Dataset object in the FluCoMa project. In Max and SuperCollider we use Dictionaries, which are nestable and queryable in powerful programmatic ways, working essentially like interfaces to JSON-like data structures. 

I’ve looked at [struct] but the [set] object does not allow to do symbols and (list of) floats, and [appends] seem to have the same limitations. In all cases, I’m not certain it is the best approach in any cases to create such a list in Pd...

I wonder how people do it and if I am missing an obvious workflow, especially with nested structures.

Any pointer (pun intended) welcome


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