[PD] external libraries for Raspberry Pi - how to compile?

Christof Ressi info at christofressi.com
Sun Sep 12 10:14:40 CEST 2021

On 12.09.2021 09:29, Ingo wrote:
> Declare is not the problem.
> The .pd_linux files are missing in both the "apt-get pd-iemlib" download as
If you look at the Debian package content list, you will see that it 
contains "iemlib1.pd_linux" and "iemlib2.pd_linux":


> well as in the Deken files of the RPi armv7.
The armv7 Deken package contains "iemlib.pd_linux".

As I tried to explain, iemlib contains all externals in a single (or 
two) binaries, which have to be loaded with [declare] (see below). Have 
you actually tried it?

Also, note that you can't write [iemlib/stripfilename] because 
[stripfilename] doesn't have a dedicated "stripfilename.pd_linux" 
binary, instead it is contained in the "iemlib.pd_linux" binary, so you 
have to change it to just [stripfilename]. The quickest way is probably 
to use a shell script + grep.

> All other libraries that I could find on Deken or apt-get were fine - just not
> iemlib.

Because those use the typical one-binary-per-object structure.


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