[PD] Further questions on struct and the external api

Pierre Alexandre Tremblay tremblap at gmail.com
Wed Sep 15 10:08:50 CEST 2021

Dear all

I’m discovering the superb world of struct (with the 3 recommended tutorials, all of which very biased towards the graphic angle but I found ways around) and my new favourite friend is [text] for that reason :)

2 questions:

- in the attached patch, I needed to create a dummy entry to my ‘test-item’ struct to be able to dynamically add entries infusing [append] - do I understand right?

- it seems that I would be able to find workarounds the fact we cannot search my dataset by making an entry that would hold my keys at the top but that is cumbersome so I’m now making friends with the fantastic [text] object… the question I now have is for people developing externals: is it possible to access and write to struct and/or arrays from an external developed through the API? I didn’t find examples doing so nor any reference to text_buf in the API so I wonder if anyone has any pointers on that. Worse case I can use a message to dump a list and then [text fromlist] but that would be limited by the maxlength of the said list which was a problem in Max (hence us going the extra mile of supporting native dicts there) 

Thanks all for your help.


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