[PD] Working with Memory-Mapped File or Ramdisk

Sebastian Lexer s.lexer at incalcando.com
Sat Sep 18 18:43:29 CEST 2021

Hi List,

I want to share memory between several instances of PD running on 
separate reserved cores. I've tried the share-mem lib, but it has a very 
high overhead.

Since I am writing custom externals for the puredata patches, I have 
started to include writing the data to be shared into files on a 
ramdisk. It does work quite nicely, but I am wondering whether some more 
elegant solution could be done using the Memory-Mapped Files, or are 
there any other simple and fast solutions around?

Has anyone on this list experience with this? I don't actually need to 
share large data sets, mostly it's just bytes that indicate the state of 
the patch. Network based solutions have proven to be too slow.

These patches will run on raspberry pi.


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